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The Kraftwerk Best Of CD?

Best Of CoverOver the years I have been asked to create a sampler tape / CD for various friends. (Actually if the truth be known I probably forced it on them!) This is both fun to do and also quite difficult. I like the prospect of being able to introduce Kraftwerk to people who have not heard anything by them before, but at the same time struggle at deciding exactly what tracks to put on.

A while back I made such a compilation which I am pleased with for myself and at the thought that this gives a rounded 'overview' of what Kraftwerk are all about. Hopefully enabling other people to become 'hooked'.

I gave myself a few rules

1 All tracks must fit within 2 CDs (74 minutes)
2 Only tracks from official LP's can be used (so no, you can't use Tour De France nor EXPO 2000)
3 Only LP's from Autobahn onwards can be used (I don't think trying to encourage someone to listen to Kraftwerk would be persuaded by their earlier works)
4 You must include at least 1 track from each LP
5 All tracks must be in chronological order and in the order they appear on the LP. (So Computer World can not come before Air Waves, and Comet melody 2 can not come before Autobahn.
6 No tracks can be repeated (That includes The Mix. So you can't have both versions of The Robots)
7 You must stick to one language throughout (where possible)

So here's my answer... what would you do? Please communicate your answers to me

I will soon amend the rules so that you can use 2 80 min CD's and I'll update my selection to include Tour De France Soundtracks

CD 1

No Track Title / LP Title Reason for inclusion Time
1 Autobahn / Autobahn The track which gave Kraftwerk world wide recognition. The single version becoming a top 10 in the USA. The track tell the story of a journey on a motorway. Pick a comfortable chair, sit back, push the volume up to max and enjoy. 23:43
2 Comet Melody 2 / Autobahn I just love this track. It's has the Kraftwerk feel, sound and texture. 5:47
3 Airwaves / Radioactivity The concept LP Radioactivity and the later Electric Cafe are the 2 less played Kraftwerk LPs I have. The 3 tracks I've chosen from Radioactivity have a great rhythm and simplicity that I like. 4:42
4 Antenna / Radioactivity   3:43
5 Ohm Sweet Ohm / Radioactivity A Kraftwerk lullaby? 5:40
6 Europe Endless / Trans Europe Express I think one of Kraftwerks greatest tracks and alas has rarely been played live. Europe Endless appears simplicity in itself but the more you listen the more complex it seems. A great tune too. 9:34
7 Showroom Dummies / Trans Europe Express Released as a single and played in discos across the land, an unusual topic for a song! 6:11
8 Trans Europe Express / Trans Europe Express The title track from the LP. A journey along the Trans Europe Express correctly captures the feeling of a great train journey. 13:13

CD 2

No Track Title / LP Title Reason for inclusion Time
1 Space Lab / The Man Machine You may have noticed that I've included 4 tracks from The Man Machine. Well that's because it's so good. It's often rated as one of the best Kraftwerk LP by Kraftwerk fans from around the world. This LP is what Kraftwerk are all about, The amalgamation of Man with Machine to create beauty. 5:53
2 Metropolis / The Man Machine   6:01
3 The Model / The Man Machine The Model was initially released in 1978 but it was not until 1981 that it made number 1 in the UK after being put on the B side of Computer Love. A Classic that just has to be included. 3:40
4 Neon Lights / The Man Machine My all time favorite Kraftwerk track.. Pure magic. 8:52
5 Computer World / Computer World The title track of the Computer World opens with a punch and introduces what is to come in the rest of the LP. 5:09
6 Home Computer / Computer World So simple.. yet... 6:21
7 Techno Pop / Electric Cafe Electric Cafe is my least favorite LP I've included these two tracks as the best of the bunch. 7:43
8 Telephone Call / Electric Cafe   8:04
9 Pocket Calculator - Dentaku / The Mix The Mix (1991) is a bit strange. Kraftwerk 'disappeared' for years then released an LP of re-structured tracks from prior LPs. (i.e. they went back in to the studio and started again) Pocket Calculator - Dentaku (the Japanese version) was brilliant when 1st released as part of Computer World but this version takes it ten steps forward. 8:01
10 Radioactivity / The Mix Again, the original version made in 1977 clicked in to the 90's with a vengeance. 6:53
11 Music Non Stop / The Mix Music Non Stop closes the Mix LP (and this compilation) Pure Kraftwerk. 6:38