Computer World Font
Computer World
16k (zipped)


Electric Cafe Font
Electric Cafe
19k (zipped)


Man Machine Font 1
The Man Machine 1
19k (zipped)

Man Machine Font 2
The Man Machine 2 23k (zipped)


The Mix Font
The Mix
6k (zipped)


I offer absolutely no guarantee that these will work safely on your machine.

KW Font
Download Picture Font (PC)
49kb (zipped)
Download Picture Font (Mac) 44kb
(Thanks to Jan Ove Furesund for conversion to Mac format)


Here’s something that may be a little different to the normal KRAFTWERK downloads in the shape of a True Type font. It’s basically a KRAFTWERK Windings font type of thing. i.e. each letter / number you type will bring up a different Kraftwerk image!


Just download it somewhere on to your PC or Mac (or whatever computer you happen to use) then install it as you would any other font and you’ll then be able to use it in any Windows application.


I offer absolutely no guarantee that this will work safely on your machine.

Screen Saver

I created this using the EXPO 2000 group shot on the web site that automatically created screen savers for you. The site no longer exists but my creation does.


Just download this to your Windows Directory then select this screen saver in the normal way.


I offer absolutely no guarantee that this will work safely on your machine.

Clip Art

Download Clip Art 560kb (zipped)

There are 45 Kraftwerk ‘clip art’ images in this zip file. All are in gif format, ready to use on most computer systems. I created these years ago on my trusty old Amiga 1200. When I did create them they were concidered ‘High Resolution”.

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    Posted at 21:24h, 14 June Reply

    Thank you for the fonts!!

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