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Facebook Group Website
A Huge Kraftwerk community of over 17,000 kraftwerk fans.


It is a closed group. That means that anyone can find the group and see who is in it. Only members will be able to see posts though.


It is a great way to keep up to date with all things Kraftwerk and to meet many like minded folk!

Kraftwerk F.A.Q. Website

Frequently Asked Questions about the electronic music group Kraftwerk. This site was established in 1994 and is still going strong with constant updates.


Lots and lots of Kraftwerk facts can be found at this information packed website that is kept very much up to date.

Discogs Website

If you are a collector, you should know about this site.


Discogs, short for discographies, is a website and crowdsourced database of information about audio recordings, including commercial releases, promotional releases, and bootleg or off-label releases. The Discogs servers, currently hosted under the domain name, are owned by Zink Media, Inc., and are located in Portland, Oregon, US. While the site lists releases in all genres and on all formats, it is especially known as the largest online database of electronic music releases, and of releases on vinyl media. Discogs currently contains over 8 million releases, by nearly 4.9 million artists, across over 1 million labels, contributed from nearly 346,000 contributor user accounts—with these figures constantly growing as users continually add previously unlisted releases to the site over time.

Aktivität Fanzine Website

Aktivität was an unofficial paper-based Kraftwerk fanzine published during the 1990s, with 10 regular issues and a small number of one-off special issues appearing at irregular intervals. The fanzine was not an official Kraftwerk product and should not be mistaken as such; instead, see it is a fanzine written by fans for fans. Therefore, there was no direct contact with Kraftwerk at all. Similarly, these pages have no connection with Kraftwerk and any of their current members. Nevertheless, the information strives to be as accurate as possible given these circumstances.


This web site presents a selection of some of the articles that appeared in the fanzine, though they have since been updated and enhanced, in order to correct mistakes or include additional data that became available following publication. The web site will not be acting as an outlet for current news on Kraftwerk’s activities, it is merely here as a resource for those who are interested in Kraftwerk for historical reasons.


Aktivität – it’s in the air, for you and me…

Twingo Fan Website

A big fan of Kraftwerk, Twingo has kept this site for a long time. It is not update so frequently these days, but the historical concert pages are still a treasure trove of information.

International Discography Website

Before Kraftwerk fans from around the world kept a record of releases at this site. This was the site to go to for all Kraftwerk Discogrpahy information. A collectors gem!


I have kept a copy of it here since it was brought down years ago for historical reasons with a mirror located at

A huge group album, full of Kraftwerk related pictures.

If you like Kraftwerk Kovers then this Kollection, all mixed up, will amaze!

Kraftwerk In Concert Pictures

Some of the best pictures of Kraftwerk performing live back in 1981. All credits to the photographer of the day, Charles Robinson.

Some of the best Black and white pictures of Kraftwerk performing live back in 1981. All credits to the photographer of the day, Wolfgang Wiggers.

Some more incredible pictures from a by-gone era!

Some great live pictures take at their performance at Volkshaus, Zürich – 10/3/1976.

Kraftwerk are true pioneers of electronic music, laying down the blueprint for synth-pop, techno and electro. The German band are also technological innovators, often crafting their own custom instruments to realize their vision. Scott Wilson picks seven of their most pioneering uses of technology in this interesting article.

Details of the Vako Orchestron – the rare and bizarre sample playback keyboard that’s part of Kraftwerk’s iconic sound.

Some snippets of “Trans-Europe Express” by Kraftwerk so that you can hear the Orchestron’s “Violins” sound.

A comparison between the Catalogue Promo box set audio quality against the 2009 production release.

Which do you prefer?

Do you know of a web page?

Do you know of an interesting Kraftwerk related website that I could share on this page? Then please let me know. Alternatively leave a comment below.

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