Kraftwerk Sounds

This page enables me to share some Kraftwerk acoustic information. I’ve tried to include some more unusual Kraftwerk related tracks. I hope that you agree.

A rare version of Kraftwerk’s Neon Lights

No this is not the version that you would have known and loved. Yes the differences are subtle but it is different. It’s from a Canadian copy of The Man Machine LP that I have in my collection. All I know about it for a fact is that it is most definitely a remix. It is on a white label so I suspect that it is a pre-release version.


I only know of the one copy of the record that this version is on. Do you know of another? If so, then please let me know!

Kraftwerk covers and tributes

Tashcenrechner A version by the Denmark duo Dhiva. This extract was taken from their Tribute CD “Songs from the Powerplant”.

Europe Endless / Neonlights By Makoto Inoue. These extracts was taken from the Tribute CD “The Radio Active Tribute to Kraftwerk”. The CD indicates the track as being “Europe Endless” but this lasts for about 1m 30s before turning into Neon Lights

DMX Krews version of Showroom Dummies is “Manekin”. This being a little different in that it is sung in Japanese.

Erasures Blue Savannah Song (Der Deutsche Mix I). I had always liked the ‘normal’ version of Blue Savannah so when I discovered this track I was delighted. Loads of Kraftwerk samples are used throughout this track. Released on the Mute label. Cat# LCD MUTE 109.

Balanescu Quartet The Robots. An extract taken from the LP Possessed. The group cover Kraftwerk tunes using stringed instruments.

Ralph and Florian going Hawaiian This is an excerpt from ‘Ralph and Florian go Hawaiian’ (sic) by Blaine Reininger. It is on his LP ‘Byzantium’.

Kraftwerk Influences

This is pointing to the start of a section of a 1981 Ralf Hutter interview by BBC Radio 1’s Tommy Vance. In it Ralf tells what influenced him and gave him the ideas to go electronic.

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  • Joel Simon
    Posted at 18:56h, 12 April Reply

    HI, which version of the MAN MACHINE Canadian release is the rare mix of Neon Lights on? Do yo know where it can be purchased?


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